Early Bird Investing

SecretStocks.net follows certain patterns and watches for signs of early interest in stocks that garner little attention:

  • Volume Spikes
  • Trend Line Breakouts
  • Trading Tight and Quiet Sideways
  • and more

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Recent Winners:TPLM: $3.29 on 10/3/11 to $8.26 on 2/21/12
That’s Up 151%!! These are the types of stocks we scour the market for!

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Many early investors (some of them millionaires) see potential in penny stocks before the numbers catch Wall Street’s attention. That’s how the big money is made! Are they just lucky? I don’t think so, and as a seasoned investor, I suspect you don’t either. The truth is, they see something the average investor doesn’t: “Hidden Profit Potential.” Actually, make that “Enormous Profit Potential!”

SecretStocks.net Combines Fundamentals and Technicals

Fundamentals tell us what stock and technicals tell us when to strike!

Many of the stocks we send are unknown yet growing provocative companies that are generating revenues and juicy profits. In addition, their charts are setting up major moves. SecretStocks.net looks for breakouts, stocks emerging from weekly tight trading patterns, peak up volume spikes from selloffs, etc. to tell us when to step in. Our key focus is timing!

You know how the “other guy” always seems to make the biggest profits? Or you hear about someone nailing a little known company and riding that bad boy for an 8 or 10 bagger? Many times they invested BEFORE the crowd and let Wall Street catch up to them! That’s what we are looking to do for you!

YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS: SecretStocks.net continually scours the markets looking for companies that are redefining an industry and actively changing the status quo; companies that can reward savvy investors just like you. If you do well, we grow!

We do all the heavy lifting for you by scanning the markets looking for stocks with specific characteristics that may be poised to explode higher.

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